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Our Party

The Chesapeake GOP is a diverse group with one thing in common; We all stand for the principles of the Republican Party and want smaller, more effective government that costs less.

The current direction of our country is piling a mountain of debt onto the backs or our children and grandchildren that is not sustainable. We believe that through adherence to the principals of the Republican Party, we can lead our nation to the thriving economy that will raise the standard of living for all.

Our fiscal house is not in order.

Debt Adds Up

The deficit, which is the amount of money the government spends that it does not have, might be going down. But under Barack Obama, our national debt is climbing faster and higher than ever and is approximately 104% of our country's gross domestic product.

  1. Today's National Debt $18.5 trillion
  2. George Bush $10.6 trillion

Imagine if you owed 104% of everything you earned on a credit card?

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